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About Us

Family Within Us (FWU) is a Decatur-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to build strong family foundations with no fathers left behind. FWU supports young parents regardless of marital status as long as both parents want to be in the children's lives. We are committed to helping families provide for their children, rebuild a strong family foundation, and recover together.

We operate as a resources center, and we partner with different organizations who has access to better suited the needs of the consumers we serve. We help those in the disabled community locate a disabled resources base organization such as Easter Seals and Disability Link. These organization encounter challenges in finding competitive employment and housing for the consumers they serve, but with the partnership with Family Within Us, we together can help those consumers overall create a better living.

Union City GA 30291

Rahab is a daughter, a wife , mother, Language Interpreter, B.A and M.B.A Business Degree Professional. Rahab had served many government family programs as an Eligibility Assistant and Voice of Children Advocate. She volunteers for the Habitat for Humanity a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home in the state of California as well as a food and used home items distributor worker for San Vincent the Paul organization in the state of Seattle. Rahab was nominated Ms. Tennage Hemet CA for the tittle Ms. Teenage California 2004. Rahab had also served the disabled community as a Program Vocational Specialist in the department of workforce with Easter Seals Southern California she earn an employment customization certificate by Griffin-Hammis Associates (GHA) an award-winning, internationally recognized pioneer in the field of customized employment services for people with disabilities giving hope to those who had lost it. Rahab was nominated for the tittle People who are making a difference by Who is Who in America Association.Rahab diverse cultural and employment background from real estate to finances to public services reflects on how determined she is in making a difference in the American family structure as well as ending poverty and putting a stop to inequality and the miss placing of the father figure out the home.

About Us

About Us

Meet our CEO

The movement

Project Lift, an exciting new program to train and deploy advocates to lead male heads of households on how to obtain temporary living resources, further their education, gain employment, and most importantly maintain employment in order to provide for their families.


What is the objective?

Build an apartment community of 11 acres with an art gallery museum used as a community safe place that displays African American hairstyles of all professions. We want to kill the stigma and bias about black hair in the workplace and the community. A greenhouse to teach agriculture and technology to our community, Basics grocery and retail disconnected clothing store, as well as a community recreational and educational center for before/ after school programs furthermore for men and women living workshop where weteach how to become a successful family, provide jobs, financial and educational training within a 3–5-year stability living plan.

What are the consumers and community Problems we solving?

Gender and racial equality, bias and stigma about the black father and the back family structure overall. We are shaping the way resources are been given to the African American family, we encounter many issueswhere the resources are solely for the mother and the children but leaving the black father behind, these had caused a rupture in the African American family by removing the black father out of the home, in order word they tell the mothers that the benefits are just for her and the children not for the male directing this mother in desperate need to file child support on theses fathers who are present and in the child lives, forcing the black man to leave his family in order for them to be stable, ones the black father leaves the home he is been categorize as an inadequate individual and not able to meet the social standards that sadly has been implemented by a group of an independent woman who believes the black men lack inadequacy and unresponsible to care for his family.


What is the solution?

Family within Us is dedicated in educating, facilitating, advocating, and providing living resources for the black father to be self-sufficient in order to protect and provided for their families.



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Current Services

1.I Can

2. Project lift

3.Jail Release-Body Us Shop

4.Us Catering

5. Not homeless with Us

6.Customize Employment(disability)

7. I work I Bank & Save

Living Resources Support

Employment placement

Career Planning

Event Planning

Independent Living (youths, homeless and disabled) Housing Transition Preparation

Senior Services

Veterans Services

Tax Preparations/ Financial Literacy Nutrition

Health and wellness

Additional services:

1. Music Talent Management

2. Family Travel bookings

3. Catering

4. Events Decor

5. Translation services (Spanish)

Family within Us services consist of

Housing and living resources for young adults with children, the elderly, and the disabled.

Local low-cost food and home items.

Finance, healthy living, educational workshops including agriculture and technology training

Jobs leads and daycare/ after-school programs.


Who do we serve?

1.Fathers from Low-Income Fa

2. Students

3. Veterans

4. Elders



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Us Catering @familywithinus

Delicious kabobs to choose from, marinated in Caribbean jerk sauce, pineapple teriyaki from steak, pork, shrimp and chicken to choose from. Add( Cheese from Cabot Creamery). You can order a side of fry plantains or yuca fries (Panamanian style) Homemade Waffles inspired by Vercetti (independent cook from CA) fruits & topping to choose from included. (Strawberries, peaches, chocolate chip, pecan)


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